Chan Luu

Behind each Chan Luu design is a story inspired by nature, world cultures and the purity of Chan's design aesthetic. Using the finest materials, Chan creates beautiful jewellery and accessories. Her vibrantly coloured silk and cashmere scarves are worn by celebrities and fashion conscious people all over the world.

Chan Luu's trademark is her artistic skill in combining organic shapes with contemporary ideas to create a line that is unique, wearable, and hand-made. Known for her gorgeous wrap bracelets which come in an array of hand-cut, semi-precious stones, sterling silver, gold vermeil, and custom dyed leathers, Chan Luu continues to be a trend leader in fashion today. Her pieces have been featured in the top fashion magazines and have been adorned by Hollywood's hottest celebrities.

Chan Luu continues to evolve bringing us new and beautiful designs each season for both men and woman. In an array of vibrant colours and creative designs, her jewellery and accessories will continue to adorn both fashionistas and celebrities worldwide.

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Chan Luu Silk and Cashmere Scarf ~ Mineral Blue

The Mineral Blue Silk and Cashmere Scarf by Chan Luu is luxuriously rich, soft and lightweight. Thes..

Chan Luu Wrap Bracelet With Silver Skulls

The Gold Nugget and Silver Skulls Wrap Bracelet by Chan Luu is beautifully made, versatile and can t..
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