Robindira Unsworth

Robindira Unsworth is a contemporary lifestyle design company with a touch of the exotic. Robindira Unsworth opened its doors in 2001 as a high end designer jewelry line founded by Robert and Robindira Unsworth. A fusion of the couple’s Northern California aesthetic combined with their appreciation for the exotic cultures of the Middle East, Asia and North Africa, the Robindira Unsworth collection quickly became a favourite of high-end retailers nationwide.

Robindira's role as Creative Director is one of constant discovery. Her collections take their inspiration from her travels as well as nature and the human spirit. She is always seeking out ways to bestow a fresh flavor and texture to each new line--while staying true to the company’s contemporary exotic design foundation.

The Robindira Unsworth Lifestyle combines the essence of exotic cultures with a modern design sensibility to create a look and feel that is not only luxurious--but distinctive and timeless.

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