Satya Jewelry

Satya Jewelry is more than just an accessory line; it’s jewelry with meaning.

Satya means truth in Sanskrit. This name is a reminder that being authentic is more than just an important value—it’s the compass that guides the designers and their customers on their journeys. Satya Jewelry is about creating pieces with sensual appeal and meaning, that delight, inspire and empower the wearer.

Satya Jewelry celebrates the adventures of lives lived fearlessly.

About Satya Jewelry

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Satya Abundance Gold Necklace

Your mantra :  I am enough. I have enough. I live in abundance, and I happily share it with the..

Satya Awaken Intuition Necklace

Description & DetailsNG032-09-L16Awaken your intuition and unlock the magic of your dreams. A gl..

Satya Balance OM Necklace

Description & DetailsNG09-OM-L18-BAffinity for all! With hearts full of loving kindness, we bath..

Satya Bask In Beauty Stud Earrings

Description & DetailsEG38-52Soothe your soul with the healing warmth of the sun; awaken your dre..

Satya Begin Today Lotus Necklace

Description & DetailsNG35-LOT-L18-NToday is the beginning of your soul’s journey; with each step..

Satya Celestial Reverie Necklace

Description & DetailsNG030-52-L18The infinite magic of the stars calls our souls to dream. A sta..

Satya Clear The Path Ganesha Necklace

Description & DetailsNG36-GAN-L18-PYour pathway is clear of obstacles; you are supported in your..

Satya Eternal Devotion Earrings

Description & DetailsEG022Love knows no bounds; its devotion is eternal. Inspired by the beautif..

Satya Gold Lotus Stud Earrings

Within you lies the perseverance to see your dreams to fruition. Stud earrings  represents the ..

Satya Gold Tree Of Life Red Garnet Bracelet

Description & DetailsBG275-33-BStay rooted and calm while wearing this stretch bracelet, made of..

Satya Healing Courage Fuchsia Agate Bracelet

Description & DetailsBG83-HAMThe courage you seek lies within you; you have the power to heal. A..

Satya Inspire Joy Stud Earrings

Description & DetailsEG018-52-STUDWherever you go, scatter your joy and inspire others to do the..

Satya Inspired Dreams Necklace

Description & DetailsNG021-52-L18Let the map of the stars chart your journey as you bring your d..

Satya Luminous Star Stud Earrings

Description & DetailsEG69-52Seek a star on which to wish; let its light illuminate your path to ..

Satya Protection Safeguarded Spirit Necklace

Description & DetailsNG29-52-L18-PYour spirit is guarded by the light of the Universe. White top..

Satya Sacred Protection Necklace

Description & DetailsNG94-52-L16Delight in the positive energy the Universe has bestowed upon yo..

Satya Sacred Shelter Elephant Stud Earrings

Description & DetailsIn the light of unconditional love, we find sacred shelter from darkness. T..

Satya Spirit Guardian Necklace

Description & DetailsNG92-52-L18Protected by the benevolent Universe, your spirit is free to soa..

Satya Tree Of Life Necklace

Description & DetailsNG08-TRE-L18-AYour mantra :  I am enough. I have enough. I live in abu..
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