The Barber's Daughters

The Barber's Daughters create jewellery of message, meaning and purpose by Engraving words of inspiration into semi and precious metals that when worn become grounding agents or touch stones. In a world overrun by sensory overload, its easy to forget our 'whole' self. The inspiration of TBDS is to wear reminders to connect to our intangible beauty and strength and shift our thinking from our head to our heart where we make better decisions.

Yes, The Barber's Daughters moniker is a dedication to a beautiful man. My father was not only the barber but my first teacher of compassion.  Also growing up in a small village on the ocean coast of Cape Breton, Canada a person's name doesn't mean much. Whose child you were means everything.  As a design line this name invites everyone to be honored as someone's sons and daughters.

Although there are many celebrities that that wear TBDS pieces, their inner stardom is only as bright as yours and mine. Moving in a healthy forward world we are all inter-dependant.

Live your love and hold the torch.

your Gisele

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