Zoe Chicco

Delicate and modern, sexy but elegant, Zoë Chicco has found the perfect alchemy of style and femininity women are looking for today in their jewelry. In describing her work, Zoë, a trained goldsmith, says she draws inspiration from her surroundings and often her friends.  Most of the pieces in her collection have been made with a particular muse in mind.

“I draw inspiration from everywhere – travel, fashion, art, nature, friends…I am a very visual person, so it’s my everyday surroundings that inspire me.  As far as designing goes, fashion plays a big part.   Since jewelry is an accessory, I want to make pieces that complement the colors and styles of the season.  It is always my goal to make jewels that feel current but transcend trend.  Fine jewelry is expensive so it is important to me that my pieces withstand the test of time.  I try to make jewelry that goes with everything in your closet – the go-to pieces you want to wear every day.”

Zoë’s gift is an ability to create personal, classic pieces that are at the same time versatile. Her everyday pieces are significant enough to be worn alone but delicate enough to wear layered together.

“Jewelry is an expression of who you are; it is personal and it should evoke a feeling. The right jewelry can completely change your mood.  That is what I want to give to my clients.  A bejeweled happy place…”

With a small dedicated staff of artisans, Zoë pours her energy into creating pieces that are timeless but timely. Additionally, her meticulous eye for detail and quality insures every piece that leaves her Los Angeles studio has been carefully screened and lovingly hand-made.

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